How to configure an authoritative identity source

A new video tutorial is ready, to show you how easy is to configure an SQL authoritative data source to populate an Active Directory.

Version 1.5 beta available

We are proud to announce public release of our 1.5-beta version of Soffid IAM. This version is loaded with new exciting features.

New version 1.4


New Version 1.3

We have been working very hard the last few months to have available by the end of the year a number of significant improvements for the efficiency of our tool. Surely you notice the difference. Recertification process, rules and authoritative identity sources, XAMCL Addon, Replica Addon, Lopd Addon…
What’s new on this release:

Representative Official Video

Roles management with Soffid IAM

The term "role" stands for the function played by someone or something. In an enterprise context, a "role" is the set of permissions that a user needs to do its job. A well-designed role should map to a category or responsibility (for example, room clerk, hiring manager or archivist) and be named accordingly

Available Now, our new version of Soffid IAM Solution (v1.2.3)

We are very happy to share our new release of Soffid IAM with all of you. We have been working hard to improve our Open Source solution for Identity and Access Management. We hope you use it and colaborate in our forum and community with your knowledge

New Features:

  • SAML Identity provider with OpenId / Oauth bridge functionality.
  • Web Single Sign on service

Welcome to soffid open source

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